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White House tells U.S. embassies overseas they CAN’T fly rainbow flag with the stars and stripes during LGBTQ Pride Month

The Trump administration has denied permission to U.S. embassies overseas seeking to fly the rainbow banner on embassy flagpoles during gay pride month.The State Department issued the denials, in a reversal of policy from the Obama administration.U.S. embassies in four nations – Israel, Germany, Brazil and Latvia – had sought permission to fly the rainbow flag, which has appeared in shops and homes during gay pride events and parades.The U.S. ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, is the senior-most gay official in the Trump administration, and has pushed efforts to discourage laws that criminalize homosexuality overseas.

Christian Life

Christian Life

Man’s Heart Stops Beating for 55 Minutes

“The diagnosis alone for pancreatic cancer was devastating. I just felt there was no hope. I really felt there was no hope at that point.” In 2013 Beverly Dunn’s husband, Tony was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Beverly is a nurse and knew the odds of long-term survival were slim. She says, “Usually when pancreatic cancer is found, it’s found way too late. I didn’t really see an outcome for it other than death from this earth.”

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Rev. Dr. Bernice A. King

When you start practicing in this vein — doing justice, and loving mercy — it invites God into the equation and gives Him room to operate.

Tori Kelly: In God's Word

We have to be intentional about just sitting down with God. …He loves that. He wants to spend time with us!

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